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"REMRAF" is an ananym for farmer. We are all farmers with seeds that we want to plant and see grow. The “seed” is an idea; it may be professional or personal.

It can grow into unlimited forms of artistic expression, a business; or, both. It may be a complete life changing event, eliminating the “weeds” to becoming healthier, physically and/or spiritually. One must be healthy to achieve your goals.

REMRAF was created to help promote artists and locally-owned small businesses by assisting with music, video, photography, marketing and promotion. We also have artists that we manage, affiliate businesses partners and our store.


"Tennessee Trax" is our podcast / video series; which is currently in pre-production.  "The Buzz" is our blog that is publishing now. Both will feature discoveries, people, places and events. "The Buzz" will also take you behind the scenes of "Tennessee Trax."

By joining "The Herd," you can be an insider; learn about secret events, be the first to know of new products and more. And by being a part of "The Herd," you let us know that you support what we do. Thank you in advance!


Shane Farmer, Managing Partner


Shane is a singer-songwriter and plays rhythm guitar, piano and some percussion. He is a photographer and videographer and brings these creative services to REMRAF. He has performed writer-rounds, ran sound and hosted shows and benefits. He will be your host for "Tennessee Trax" along with special guest hosts.


As a cancer survivor, he believes in the healing powers of healthy eating and fitness. Shane’s early experience in 2 family-owned Italian restaurants has helped him find creative ways to make healthy foods delicious. Working in family businesses has shown him the importance of small businesses in a community.

A look at his family tree will quickly show you that he comes from a long line of explorers, entrepreneurs, educators, inventors, artisans and artists.


Debbie Garay, Managing Partner


Debbie is a writer. Her 6th grade teacher knew it. Debbie did not see it. She liked to read and doodle. People told her that her doodles would be great textile designs. Again, Debbie did not see it. She came from a long line of artist, artisans and entrepreneurs; but thought that she missed out on the talent gene.


Debbie was always intrigued by marketing and advertising and the way it could influence a person. Whether she worked in a corporate or small business environment, her role was always to connect people, products and services. Her love for history and genealogy finds her exploring, She became an observer, a researcher and a networker; but she still did not write. It wasn’t until Shane got her to co-write that first song and start posting on social media that she realized she was a writer, the perfect creator for "The Buzz."


Let’s plant some seeds and watch them grow!

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