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Howdy Partner!

If you have been checking in on the Farm, you have see that we are adding products and services on our Partners page. We are really excited to be working with some of our favorite companies to bring you items that may not be in your area. You have heard us talk about these items a lot and now you can get them by the links on our Partners page.

Overtime, you we will share more about our favorite items. We will offer special discounts and by continuing to make purchases through our links, you help us bring more to you via Tennessee Trax, The Buzz and special events. Think of it as supporting public television, paying for a subscription for print, cable or streaming services. Feel free to share our links with others. The more purchases through our links, the more we can bring to you. Once you click on a link, you are taken via our portal to our partner websites.

If you have questions, please let us now. Again, when it comes to health related products, please use you own discretion or consult with your own health practitioner. We believe in researching everything we use extensively, before we make a purchase. We encourage you to do the same.

We will be adding partners and products regularly, so come back often. We will have special promotions, exclusively here …75on our website. We won’t share everything on social media.

Let me make some brief introductions. I will be sharing more about each company and favorite items in individual posts.

Joy Organics is our first choice for CBD products. The carry both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. They even have products for your fur babies. After all, our pets are part of the family.

MegaFood is one of our go to multiple vitamin supplements. It is easy to recommend to someone just starting out looking for a high quality vitamin. We like it because it is food based.

PureFormulas is a place that allows us to get specialized supplements, beauty and personal care items, food, fitness and pet products. They care many brands that we trust for their purity.

MUD\WTR is our latest discovery! This delicious beverage has changed our life! I can’t wait to share its benefits.

IsoPure Water because pure water is essential and most city water is far from pure.

4Patriots LLC has something for everyone whether you need it for home, camping or you are for prepping for a natural disaster.

Aura Lea Recording Studio is owned and operated by veteran session and touring drummer, Cody Leppo. He is currently producing Shane Farmer’s “Simplicated” album with 4 songs available on the “Artist” tab digitally; with 9 more songs planned before releasing a vinyl album.

Artist Accelerator by O.A.K. is for those of you interested in a career in music, grab the "Artist Launch Roadmap” FREE.

Shane’s Gear Shack is your used music gear resource. Whether you are looking for gear or need to sell gear, visit the this Preferred Seller on REVERB.

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