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Here's to your health

Last post, I mentioned how we keep evolving when it comes to what we eat and the supplements that we take. When we first started, we just looked for the word “organic “ and thought that we were doing good. We have since learned that this is far from true. Labels are critical and a topic that I will get into often, but now I want to begin talking about supplements and other products that we use everyday.

I remember my Mom wanting to make sure that we took some sort of multiple vitamin ever day. I am not sure what lead her to the decision, but my first vitamin was in the shape of a cartoon character. Now, I know that it was loaded with sugar and had zero nutrient value. Next, Mom was introduced to Prevention Magazine. She loved reading about healthy options. It was definitely a good start to wanting to learn more. Unfortunately, she purchased supplements from a company in one of the magazine ads. She purchased supplements twice a year when the big “Buy 2 Get 3 Free” Sale Event occurred. She did get away from those supplements; and in some ways, it was the beginning of my journey. Unfortunately, it was too late for my parents.

Shane and I started researching health in Ohio, after his 2 bouts with cancer and realizing that we did not want the same destiny as my parents, his Mom and so many others close to us. Our eating did not change right away. For us, it was a matter of cost. We worked out when we could. And, we dug deeper into nutritional supplements. When we had extra money, we spent it on supplements.

Once we moved to Tennessee, we found it was easier to access all things healthy, but we still battled with the cost. One year after moving, my emergency gallbladder surgery added another element to our research. Shane also decided to go cold turkey and quit his asthma and allergy medicine. We realized that our natural health outweighed any concern of cost.

We made a drastic improvement on our choices. We realized that some of the supplements that we were taking actually upset our stomachs. How could this be? Supplements are more than just a magic pill with a label. They can have an approved amount of nutritional value and a LOT of fillers. We knew that the best way to get our vitamins and minerals is from the food we ate, but we couldn’t always get enough.

High quality supplements became an addition to our day, not a replacement. We gradually weeded out the bad in our diet. Today, we eat as fresh as our local farmers can provide. We eliminated grains, gluten, soy, starches, sugars (except raw honey).

We also took things a step further. More than half of what we put on our skin absorbs into our bodies. We changed our skin, hair and dental products. Then moved on to soaps, household cleaners, insect repellants; and well, we are now looking into the clothing we purchase.

Today, we are the healthiest that we have ever been and we make improvements every day. People ask us daily about the food and products we use. We decided that my sharing here will be a way that I can answer as many questions as I can. I will talk about my personal journey and the many obstacles that I have overcome to become my healthiest so far. We will also bring health professionals in to our posts.

You will find products in our Partners tab, that we use and suggest to those who ask us where to start their own journey. Keep in mind; we are not health professionals. Do your own research and consult with your doctor. Over time, we will add more products and talk more about how we use them.

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