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Video Killed the Radio Star

This week has been a busy one here in the REMRAF LLC office; as the past 6 months has finally come to fruition.

In March, Shane and I decided to do some spring cleaning. We restructured our business from the S-Corp, REMRAF INC to Partnership, REMRAF LLC. Facebook still has not caught up to the change, but we want you to know from us. We decided to streamline what we do and focus more on this website and less on social media. We will still post lead-ins to let you know that we have an update on the website. Plus, we will still share some little things, share posts and memories; but for the real news, you can come here to find it any time.

It used to be easy in the MySpace days. There was really only one place everyone went to see what anyone was doing. Today, there are so many social media communities that it is hard to stay personal and keep everyone up-to-date. Each social media community offers something to a certain demographic and nothing to another. Our goal is to offer something to everyone!

After MySpace, we followed the crowd to Facebook, then YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I even worked for SongRamp TWICE! Between Shane, myself, our business and projects, we are all over the virtual space. All the social media has diluted our presence. Just like many of you, some of our profiles are out of date. I know that I don’t always have the time to post everywhere and I will not automate our posts. I would rather miss a post than have a post misinterpreted by a bot. We like to keep things personal. You deserve it!

We have limited capabilities to share what it important to us, due to the social media police. Even sharing a song, giving credit to the writers and performers, gets shut down. For the music community, this has been a downward spiral and many talented artists have been lost. Our goal is to spotlight some great music. We hope that you will look for those artists and support them.

Video killed the Radio Star. Social Media and technology has killed and buried real artists and performers!

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