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Welcome to "The Buzz"

I want “The Buzz” to be an escape, a poetic adventure. Like a bee going from flower to flower, then returning to the hive. In Hebrew, Deborah/Debra/Debbie means “The Bee” and bees and farmers work well together.

Here I will write about a variety of topics; from music and the creative arts, to food/health and history/genealogy. I will feature intriguing people, places and things. I will introduce you to small businesses with a big impact in their community.

Nobody can say that I have gone off-topic, because “The Buzz” is about life and living. Our lives are filled with variety, so we all go off-topic every day. I will even take you behind the scenes of “Tennessee Trax” our podcast / video series.

My choices in life have always been a bit eclectic. As a child and teen, I read adventure stories about trains. Those pulled by horses and those pulled by locomotives. It was about exploring, but it ended up teaching more than I realized. The stories that I liked took me to real places or introduced me to real people. I read, and still read, biographies about people who made a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. My most memorable vacations growing up, included visiting historical places from my books.

The explorers and inventors that helped build this country are still a part of Americana today. Through hard work and often struggles, they pushed forward. They learned from their failures, the successes and failures of others and The United States of America grew to what it is today.

I used to post long stories on my Facebook profile and the Pages that I manage. Nobody wanted to take the time to read them. It didn’t offend me, because I was much the same way. If I want to spend time reading something, I want to grab a latte and just read. So, I hope that you will do the same.

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